Soundbards to buy in 2024

Yamaha YAS-209 (buy from Amazon) 

The Yamaha YAS-209 offers a compelling blend of performance and convenience making it a great choice for those looking to enhance their TV audio without the complexities of a full surround sound system this soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer providing a rich and dynamic audio experience

One of the notable features of the YAS-209 is its support for DTS Virtual:X which creates a virtual surround sound experience while it doesn’t replicate the fully immersive quality of genuine surround sound systems it does add a noticeable depth and width to the audio making it more engaging than traditional stereo soundbars

The sound quality is impressive for its price range the soundbar delivers clear crisp dialogue and well-balanced midranges making it ideal for TV shows and movies the wireless subwoofer adds a good amount of bass enhancing the overall audio experience especially in action scenes

The YAS-209 sports a sleek minimalist design that should fit well with most TV setups it’s not overly large making it suitable for smaller living spaces

Connectivity options are good with HDMI ARC optical input Bluetooth and Wi-Fi the soundbar also features built-in Amazon Alexa allowing for voice control and easy integration with other smart home devices

One limitation is the lack of Dolby Atmos support which might be a deal-breaker for those seeking a more immersive audio experience additionally the surround sound effect is not as pronounced as with higher-end models

Overall the Yamaha YAS-209 is an excellent choice for those who want a simple straightforward soundbar that offers good sound quality smart features and easy setup all at a reasonable price point


Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 eARC (buy from Amazon) 

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 eARC is a powerhouse of a soundbar system designed for those who want the ultimate home theater experience this expansive setup includes a dual soundbar two wireless subwoofers and four rear satellite speakers creating an immersive 9.2.4 channel audio environment

One of the system’s standout features is its support for eARC Enhanced Audio Return Channel allowing for the transmission of high-quality uncompressed audio from compatible TVs this makes it an excellent choice for audiophiles and movie enthusiasts who demand the best sound quality

The audio performance of the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra is exceptional the dual soundbar configuration provides a wide enveloping soundstage while the two subwoofers deliver deep and powerful bass the rear speakers add to the immersive experience creating a true cinema-like surround sound environment

The soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enhancing movies and TV shows with three-dimensional audio that places you right in the middle of the action whether it’s the subtlety of ambient sounds or the intensity of an action scene the system handles it with finesse

In terms of design the system is quite large and might require some planning to integrate seamlessly into your living space the build quality is robust and the overall aesthetic is modern and sleek

Connectivity is comprehensive with multiple HDMI inputs and output with eARC optical coaxial and analog inputs along with Bluetooth for streaming audio

The main downside to consider is the system’s size and complexity which might be overwhelming for some users additionally the high price places it in the premium segment of the market

In summary the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 eARC is ideal for those who want no compromises in their home theater audio its impressive surround sound capabilities and robust feature set make it a top choice for serious home cinema enthusiasts

Klipsch Cinema 600 (buy from Amazon) 

The Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar system brings the brand’s renowned audio quality into the home theater market this 3.1 setup includes a soundbar and a 10-inch wireless subwoofer delivering a powerful and dynamic audio experience

Klipsch’s audio expertise is evident in the Cinema 600 the soundbar offers a clear and detailed sound profile with the company’s signature horn-loaded technology providing an expansive soundstage and excellent clarity the dialogue is crisp and easy to understand which is a significant advantage for TV shows and movies

The wireless subwoofer is a standout feature offering deep and punchy bass that enhances the overall audio experience whether it’s the subtle rumble in a dramatic scene or the explosive action in a blockbuster movie the subwoofer handles it with aplomb

In terms of design the Klipsch Cinema 600 has a classic and elegant look with a wood finish that sets it apart from the more common all-black soundbars it’s relatively large but its aesthetic appeal might make it a centerpiece in your living room

Connectivity options include HDMI ARC optical and Bluetooth covering the basics for most home theater setups however the lack of Wi-Fi and smart features might be a downside for some users

One notable absence is support for Dolby Atmos which might disappoint those looking for the most immersive audio experience however for its price point the sound quality and powerful bass performance make it a strong contender

In summary the Klipsch Cinema 600 is an excellent choice for those who prioritize sound quality and a robust bass experience its classic design and straightforward setup make it a great addition to any home theater especially for those who appreciate the Klipsch brand’s legacy


Roku Streambar (buy from Amazon) 

The Roku Streambar is a unique offering that combines a compact soundbar with a built-in Roku streaming player this innovative design makes it an ideal solution for smaller spaces or for those looking to simplify their entertainment setup

Sound-wise the Roku Streambar provides a significant upgrade over standard TV speakers its four-driver audio design delivers clear dialogue and a decent soundstage for its size while it doesn’t offer the deep bass or the immersive surround sound of larger more expensive soundbars it performs admirably for casual viewing and streaming

The integrated Roku player is a major selling point offering access to a wide array of streaming services in 4K HDR where available including Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Video and many others the interface is user-friendly and the inclusion of a voice remote adds convenience to the browsing experience

Design-wise the Streambar is sleek and unobtrusive its compact size makes it easy to fit into tight spaces such as a bedroom or small living room

Connectivity includes HDMI ARC optical and USB along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for streaming it’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices for voice control

The main limitation of the Roku Streambar is its audio performance for demanding users while it is a step up from TV speakers it doesn’t compete with larger soundbars in terms of power and depth additionally the lack of a dedicated subwoofer means that bass-heavy content might lack impact

Overall the Roku Streambar is an excellent choice for those who want an all-in-one solution for better TV sound and smart streaming capabilities it’s particularly well-suited for smaller rooms or as a secondary device in a bedroom or kitchen

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